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Photographer Martha Felkins returns for the summer to the rugged Maine Island where she grew up. It has been nine months since her companion Grace died here in a strange accident on THE SYBIL, a lobster boat captained by Martha's brother. Martha has come back, hoping that being near her brother and his grown developmentally challenged son will help her heal from grief. Instead, she uncovers the shocking secret behind Grace's fatal accident, even the island doctor, Sue Whitaker, doesn't know.

Undercurrents has been re-released as an e-book by Intaglio Publications
and is available now at Bella Books.


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Taking Flight

Librarian Sydney Burke is an avid birder and outdoorswoman. She has been single for several years after a longtime relationship ended. She meets Michelle and falls in love with her. However, Michelle is married to Robert, an abusive husband, and is afraid of him. She wants out of the marriage to be with Sydney but fears what Robert will do to them. Will the women be able to break free from the dangerous Robert and build a loving relationship with each other? Can Sydney help Michelle take flight to a new and safe life?


"If you are an abused woman, know an abused woman, want to know more about abused women, or simply want to read a good story that happens to have an abused woman as the main character, then this is a book you'll want to read." -Pamela Bigelow, lambdalit.org


"Simply put... buy this book! This novel wraps romance, mystery and a serious social issue into a great read. I highly recommend it!" -kycoffin, amazon.com


"Readers will find plenty to like about this novel with its sensual love scenes juxtaposed against its chilling scenes of abuse and its carefully researched bird trivia." -Karla M. Huston

Undercurrents has been re-released as an e-book byIntaglio Publications

and is available now at Bella Books.


Racing Toward Providence

Samantha Warren has one passion in life: her painting. She moves to a secluded cabin in Maine where she can work undisturbed. But Kate Sinclair comes along, and Sam discovers another passion. Just as their friendship is developing into something more, a stranger begins threatening Sam. Then her eight-year-old nephew is suddenly orphaned and needs a home, which only she can provide. Samantha's solitary life as an artist is thrust into turmoil. What does providence have in mind for her?



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